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How To Say... YES! To Success

How To Say... YES! To Success

With our society, our youth, and the business, sports & entertainment worlds seemingly obsessed with the concept of success and the process by which it can be obtained, the author brings a timely message highlighting the foundational underpinnings for all true and lasting achievement. Founded on Biblical principles and precepts, the "Yes! Success System" illuminates not only the steps along the pathway to achieving your goals and dreams, but also the critical inner evaluations that must occur in order to arrive at the correct destination mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually whole. Each "Yes" lesson builds upon the previous one, creating for the reader who is applying the principles a "Yes Momentum" that will culminate in a greater understanding and appreciation for the process of goal achievement and the responsibility awaiting those who truly succeed. Whether you read this book individually or as a group, you are sure to take away many of the nuggets the author himself has acquired along his own long and winding journey toward discovering the true meaning of the word: SUCCESS.


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